OCCIDENTAL: Will John Doe Finally Get His Day in Court?

Attorneys for Occidental’s John Doe recently filed ‘Petitioner’s Opening Brief in Support of Petition for Writ of Mandamus’ in L.A Superior Court. Doe was expelled from Occidental College in 2013 following a TIX accusation/hearing of sexual misconduct. John Doe’s Opening Brief exposes the dirty little secret of Title IX tribunals and his exhibits provide insight into Jane Roe’s statements during the investigation process versus her statements at the TIX hearing. Also revealing are the 42 questions that John Doe prepared for his TIX hearing. Many were not asked by the seemingly biased TIX adjudicator. For inquires contact Doe’s attorney, Mark Hathaway 213-688-0460.

John Doe v Occidental Opening Brief FILED   Esquire.com/Occidental Justice Case


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