DISHONEST Jackie Coakley’s Fake Rape Is Costing Rolling Stone Millions

In New York federal court, Rolling Stone wrapped up the last remaining piece of litigation emanating from its retracted 2014 article about a rape [of proven liar Jackie Coakley] at a University of Virginia campus fraternity. The settlement is the third for Rolling Stone over the Sabrina Rubin Erdely article, titled “A Rape on Campus,” which prompted a commissioned investigation by the Columbia School of Journalism over its faults. The first settlement came after R.S. lost a trial with Nicole Eramo.(Eramo received a $3 million verdict at trial.) Rolling Stone’s second settlement came to a $1.65 million deal with the fraternity itself.  And now comes the third settlement. Per the agreement, “some of the fraternity members become beneficiaries of a settlement whose terms were not provided in court.” The stipulations of the settlement included a confidentiality clause. By E. Gardner 12 articles on Jackie/R.Stone in Court

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