YALE’S TitleIX Problem: 1.Discrimination of Males 2.NO Due Process 3.Lawsuits

Yale University has been the subject of three lawsuits and two federal investigations since 2011 that center on the university’s ability to examine claims of sexual misconduct.  Yale has been sued by three men who claim Yale’s sexual-misconduct committee discriminated against them based on their gender or denied them their due-process rights. The highest-profile case is a suit filed by Jack Montague, a former varsity men’s basketball captain expelled during his senior-year second semester. Another male filed a federal suit against Yale and simultaneously filed a complaint with the DoEd’s Office for Civil Rights, alleging Yale discriminated against him in a misconduct hearing because of his gender.
These lawsuits, and the potential for more, pose a threat to Yale.

businessinsider.com By Abby Jackson

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