YALE THREATENS JACK: Demands $3K from Montague who is Suing for Kangaroo Expulsion

 In 2016 Yale University expelled Jack Montague for nonconsensual sex with a female student shortly before he was to graduate, despite the agreed-upon fact that she returned to sleep with him hours after he allegedly assaulted her. Montague was never criminally charged, and is pressing forward with his lawsuit against Yale;  despite a federal judge refusing to order Yale to follow its own sexual-assault adjudication rules. Montague argues in his lawsuit that his academic and employment prospect have been drastically limited by his expulsion. During a March deposition he testified that he has been unable to apply to other schools because Yale won’t release his transcripts until he pays a $3,000 tuition debt. “That represents the last semester that I didn’t finish,” Jack testified. “So, as soon as I was expelled, they sent me a bill for $3,000.” According to the Yale Daily News, the trial is expected to start in February.

thecollegefix.com By Piper abcnews.go By Eaton-Robb

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