Yale Male Condemns Rape so Title IX Investigates Him For Rape

A Yale male became a Title IX ‘person of interest’ after writing a class essay in which he condemned rape. According to his complaint a university panel found in 2014 that ‘John Doe’ had engaged in sexual intercourse with a woman without her consent. Doe alleges that the woman expressly consented and on that evening she harassed him. He adds that Yale’s disciplinary procedures were stacked against him and administered by biased officials who presumed his guilt. Doe insists that Title IX must protect men as well as women. In punishing him for sexual assault on the basis of allegations that were either unfounded or refuted by facts to which both sides of the dispute agreed, the lawsuit argues, Yale discriminated against him on the basis of his sex in violation of Title IX.

thecollegefix.com By Greg Piper     Doe v Yale complaint

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