YALE: Innocent Accused Jack Montague’s Request is Denied

A federal judge has denied a motion filed by former Yale basketball captain Jack Montague, that would have allowed him to return to his studies. Montague was more than halfway through his senior year and leading Yale’s basketball team in its most successful season in decades when he was expelled in Feb. 2016. His lawyer, Max Stern, said Montague was expelled because of Yale’s finding that he had “unconsented-to sex” in fall 2014. Stern said that Montague’s expulsion was “wrong, unfairly determined, arbitrary, and excessive by any rational measure.”…In a decision filed March 8, U.S. District Judge Covello said that Montague failed to show that the harm to him would be “irreparable” if he was not granted a preliminary injunction.

courant.com By Kathleen Megan

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