YALE: COLLUSION Between Female Accusers During TIX Hearing Against Accused Male

Two female students at Yale formally accused a male student mere minutes apart on the same day, saying he groped both of them on a bus and one of them months earlier in Paris. They teamed up again by coordinating their testimony against the male – “who has been a conservative columnist for the Yale Daily News” – during the Title IX hearing itself, according to the accused student’s new lawsuit against Yale.  “John Doe,” whose parents immigrated to America in 2011, claims Yale found him responsible for sexual misconduct in spite of the fact that three witnesses walking behind him and “Jane Roe” in June 2016 in Paris did not see the alleged groping. To reiterate, despite the fact that no witness testified to observing the alleged groping, the panel found Doe responsible for groping.

thecollegefix.com By Greg Piper

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