WIN: Judge says NO to Cornell. You Can’t Do What You Want

Professors dispute negative tenure decisions all the time, but rarely do their cases end up in court. That’s because pursuing a legal case against an institution is time-consuming and costly and, most importantly, courts nearly always defer to colleges’ and universities’ initial judgments.
Not so though with an ongoing case at Cornell University. A state judge in November ruled that the university had so bungled a tenure review that he vacated the original decision against the professor in question and ordered a new one. Judge Rich blasted Cornell for ignoring its own rules and acting “capriciously… “The professor was entitled to due process. Cornell speaks of a level playing field but keeping the allegations secret from Vengalattore while having those allegations sour his tenure review creates anything but a level playing field and was arbitrary and capricious,” By Piper  Rare Victory Tenure Dispute Case


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