WIN for Male. USC Title IX’s Gretchen Means is Biased Against Males & Judge Agrees

Just before Christmas, a judge overturned the University of Southern California’s 2015 sexual-assault finding against an accused student, deeming him the victim of a process that was not “fair, thorough, reliabl[y] neutral and impartial.” One of the errors made by the private institution? Gretchen Means Title IX coordinator and Patrick Noonan the investigator repeatedly called the male student and his adviser “motherfuckers” after they forgot to hang up on a call with them. Means asked, “Who do these motherfuckers think they are?” and “Does that college motherfucker know who I am?” Both Noonan and Means referred to [Doe] as “motherfuckers.” Noonan and Means also described Roe as “a catch” and expressed, “[She is] so cute and intelligent. What was she doing with that (referencing [Doe])?”…L.A. Superior Court Judge Elizabeth White rebuked USC for having the chutzpah to claim that its system is “comprised of independent decision-makers.” By Greg Piper

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