WHY REVOKING Obama’s 2011 Sex Assault Letter Will Not End Campus Witch Hunts

Since 2011 Obama’s Department of Education, instructed universities to get involved in any and all sexual conduct between students. Obama’s 2011 “Dear Colleague” letter presented universities with an ultimatum: create Title IX kangaroo courts to adjudicate claims of campus sexual assault, or face an end to all federal funding. Universities were encouraged to abandon in their systems the protections Americans enjoy in the court system when accused of criminal acts, including the right to effective counsel, cross-examination of witnesses, object to false or prejudicial evidence, and a high standard of proof. The schools complied. Today hundreds of lawsuits  have been filed by the falsely accused for due process violations etc., and as the courts continue to find that the Obama era 2011 sex rules are indeed unconstitutional, universities continue to be inflexible. If President Trump wants to reverse the damage done by the letter, he’ll have to do more than simply revoke the letter.

thefederalist.com By Adam Candeub  FOX: Colleges Refuse To Ease Sex Rules Despite Lawsuits 

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