10 TIX LAWSUITS: College White Girls Falsely Accusing Blacks Guys

Fifty years ago a white woman accused 14 year old black Emmett Till of sexual assault. It turns out her accusation was false, Throughout America, college campuses are reliving the Jim Crow South where black men stereotyped as rapists were lynched by the Ku Klux Klan. Today at colleges when a white female accuses a black male of assaulting her, Title IX teaches (religiously) that she is to be believed. This brazen and radical feminist stance of ‘believe’ is leading to hundreds of innocent males being Title9 falsely accused, expelled and denied a college education for life. Many of the accused males are black without resources to defend their innocence. Below are true stories of alleged campus sexual assaults involving white girls who Title9 accuse blacks. ALL BLACKS WERE Denied a FAIR HEARING, Denied DUE PROCESS, and denied the PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE.

Sacred Heart University: White Female and 2 Black Males have consenting sex, She cries rape. 2 BLACKS EXPELLED White Female is charged w making a false allegation.  2 Black Males never get their college education or scholarship back. 

Colorado State University-Pueblo: White Female and Black Male have consenting sex. Bystander intervention leads to BLACK MALE EXPELLED. 

University of Findlay: White Female and 2 Black Males have consenting sex that she brags about, but after cries rape. 2 BLACKS EXPELLED.

University of Penn: White Female and Black Male have consenting sex.  She later accuses and wants BLACK MALE EXPELLED.

Texas Tech University: White Female and Black Male athlete have consenting sex. BLACK MALE SUSPENDED.

University of Minnesota: Consenting Female w 10 Black football players. 1 accusation, no police charges and all 10 BLACK MALES SUSPENDED.

University of Oregon: Consenting Female w 3 Black Males engage in sex acts.  Female later accuses, 3 BLACK MALES EXPELLED and lose athletic scholarship, and college education for life.

Boise State University: Sexy Consenting Female w 3 Black Males. She Accuses. 3 BLACK MALES EXPELLED,

University of New Mexico: Consenting Female w 3 Black Males. Female accuses. Video evidence proves Males are innocent. 3 BLACK MALES EXPELLED.

Florida State University: White Female and Black Male athlete have consenting sex. Female accuses. Black Male is found innocent three times. White Female shifts story, contradicts evidence. White Female seeks celebrity and $$ while BLACK MALE IS SLANDERED. 

False accusations exist. Due Process is essential for justice. Alice


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