VIEWPOINT: Factual Feminist w Stuart Taylor: Bogus Rape Culture & The Death Of Due Process

The U.S. legal system operates on the theory that the accused is innocent until proven guilty. But Stuart Taylor argues that, when it comes to sexual assault allegations, college campuses are turning the American justice system on its ear and declaring young men guilty based on accusations alone.

What do campuses say is sexual assault? 2:26
What if the man and the woman are both intoxicated? 6:08
“Pressure from government to hand down guilty verdicts” 7:08
What happens if you question the campus orthodoxy? 8:35
“What we oppose is presumption of guilt” 10:52
“There is no rape culture” 11:51
“Campus rape activists do not take rape statistics seriously” 14:55
“What is it like to be falsely accused?” 15:32
Activists admit that their methods don’t work 19:22
“Activists say it’s better to presume guilt” 19:59
How does the media deal with campus rape claims? 24:01
Mattress girl 27:12
What happened to due process? 28:17
The roots of campus rape hysteria 33:21
“Is there a way out of the false campus rape narrative?” 35:21

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