UNWANTED Advances: Sexual Paranoia Comes to Campus

Two years ago Professor Laura Kipnis was investigated by Northwestern bureaucrats for writing an essay that allegedly created a “hostile educational environment.” The Kafkaesque inquisition lasted 72 days. During that time, investigators refused to provide Kipnis with a written record of the charges against her and later filed new charges against her faculty adviser for speaking out in her defense. Eventually she was cleared of any wrongdoing, but only after she broke her silence in a second essay exposing the university’s mistreatment of her… Who or what is to blame for this current state of campus affairs? According to Kipnis: the current Title IX–enforcement regime…“We seem to be breeding a generation of students, mostly female students, deploying Title IX to remedy sexual ambivalences or awkward sexual experiences,” Kipnis writes, “and to adjudicate relationship disputes post-breakup – and campus administrators are allowing it.”

nationalreview.com By J.Braceras nytimes.com By J. Senior


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