UC Berkeley Girl Willingly Drinks- Consents 2 Sex & He’s to Blame. She TIXed him & John Doe Sues

[This is the damage that a regretful girl can do to an innocent male]

Jane Roe told compliance resource officers she consumed a significant amount of alcohol earlier in the evening, and claimed she was therefore unable to consent to the sexual activity that later occurred with Doe…According to a petition filed in the Alameda County Superior Court, “Petitioner John Doe was improperly disciplined stemming from a Title IX sexual misconduct disciplinary process that is unfair, lacks due process, does not comply with the law or university policy, and where the charges are not supported by the evidence.” John Doe was punished with a “three-year suspension and exclusion from campus until May 15, 2020, required completion of a sexual misconduct educational program, a no-contact directive as to Ms. Roe, a status of disciplinary probation for the remainder of his studies, and indefinite exclusion from university housing.” The petition names outgoing campus Chancellor Nicholas Dirks and the Regents of the University of California among the lawsuit’s respondents and requests as relief a writ of mandate to set aside the findings and sanctions against Doe.

dailycal.org By Bobby Lee

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