TWO Title IX Lawsuits in Nashville. Belmont University & Vanderbilt

Two Nashville lawsuits reflect a new chapter in the debate over how colleges respond to sexual assault claims, echoing concerns over Title IX outlined this month by Betsy DeVos. At Belmont U. John Doe was cleared of sexual misconduct but later expelled for being “purposefully untruthful.” Doe’s lawsuit says the woman who accused him of assault was not similarly punished for being “the untruthful party.” And in May, a student identified in court papers as Z.J. sued Vanderbilt University saying he had been wrongfully accused of sexual assault. The Belmont and Vanderbilt lawsuits come in the midst of a sea change involving Title IX. [SOS disagrees with Tennessean rape stats] CNN “Surveys that get you to one in five or one in four are highly misleading if not fraudulent.”

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