TITLE IX LAWSUIT: CCC Created Biased Hostile Environment

College fake accusations are increasing and distressingly so. I really wish that college girls would study, and focus on their career instead of teasing and throwing their body at a guy, and afterwards create a rape story to major in victim hood101. Pluze, these false accusations stink.  Stop this! Stop lying! Stop craving a victim hood career. It’s embarrassing.  After reading through this latest Illinois court filing, I have tremendous respect for John Doe’s courage, strength, and integrity.  John Doe alleges that Columbia College Chicago violated Title IX by creating a gender biased, hostile environment against males, based in part on CCC’s pattern and practice of disciplining male students who accept physical contact initiated by female students…Upon information and belief, CCC’s agents involved in CCC’s adjudication of Roe’s sexual misconduct claims against Doe -knew Doe had not sexually assaulted Roe and that Roe had initiated and/or consented to all physical contact. Read it, the evidence is overwhelming: Docket 1 complaint doe v columbia college chicago-1

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