This is not the America I know

We live in America, where usually these social systems function well under the Constitution.  We’re used to seeing First Responders doing their jobs, teachers, small-town mayors, everyone getting on and keeping us safe.  We take safety for granted, because that’s how we grew up.  But then we’re hit with some otherworldly bizarre logic that is the campus kangaroo system that’s mixed in with a feminist agenda:  mix with water and stir, and presto, a unreal and horrifying episode in our family life that we never thought could happen here.  What our sons went through is akin to everyday occurrences in a Third World country, or a political climate such as Pinochet’s Chile, or something like that, where logic and fairness aren’t part of the normal equation, and hardly the look of a civil society.  It’s hard for us to understand this, because this isn’t the America we know.  We’re not used to this academic dictatorship and a systemic and cascading failure of fairness and due process.  To me, that’s what’s been so shocking. That’s my take, anyway, and that’s why it’s so surreal to those of us who are logical.

The inside story from an Anguished Massachusetts Mom



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