THEY WOULD Be Accusing Me Again and Again and Again Until I Was Expelled

It has been two years since I was falsely accused, and I’m going to share my very complex and traumatic story with you. One night I drank too much, and woke up to a fraternity brother performing oral sex on me. I  screamed “HOW DARE YOU!?”  When I told our Housing Director, he implored me to keep the incident quiet. Looking back, I realize how stupid I was to keep quiet…A year later I was accused by a group of people who had convinced my friend and fraternity brother that I had assaulted him in his sleep. My entire world came crashing down around me. Hanover College’s Title IX Coordinator, Casey Heckler, is perhaps the most incompetent woman on the face of God’s Green Earth, and during this time I received constant harassment from the group of men who helped coordinate my accusation. This all culminated in my suicide attempt and a lengthy stay in a mental institution…In Feb. 2016 I was on campus for a second hearing when I was found not responsible for the first case. The group of men coordinating my accusations were infuriated that I was found not responsible. One of them even tweeted “dont worry, his celebration will be short lived.” The implication was clear. They would be accusing me again and again and again until I was expelled. By Jonathon Andrews

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