THE RELIGION of Blind Belief. Soliciting #MeToos. Due Process be Damned.

It would likely be considered unseemly for a newspaper [[NY Times] to put out a notice that it would like to publish a story about a particular identity group being victimized. After all, newspapers report news, not create the news they want to report.  Today, there is a more social media perspective, where one sniffs the air for the stench of outrage and then solicits the stories that emit the desired odor… And create a story where none exists. This has become a staple of campus Title IX accusations of sexual misconduct. Today it is entirely legitimate for a woman to reconsider consensual conduct at the time such that it morphs into misconduct in retrospect. Often this comes when a friend, or gender studies prof, explains why their consent wasn’t really consent. By Scott H. Greenfield

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