The Crusade Against “Rape Culture” Stumbles

There is hope on this day before Christmas! This story from RealClearPolitics expands on the our hopeful Save Our Sons blog post: Media stories: a lot has changed in the last few weeks.

December has not been a good month for the feminist crusade against the “rape culture….”
… for at least three years, these stories been accorded virtually uncritical reception by the mainstream media.

Now, in what may be another sign of turning tides, the accused in another high-profile case is getting his say. The New York Times has previously given ample coverage to Emma Sulkowicz, the Columbia University student famous for carrying around a mattress to protest the school’s failure to expel her alleged rapist. Now, it has allowed that man, Paul Nungesser, to tell his story—a story of being ostracized and targeted by mob justice despite being cleared of all charges in a system far less favorable to the accused than criminal courts. No one knows whether Sulkowicz or Nungesser is telling the truth; but the media have at last acknowledged that there is another side to this story.

Will 2015 see a pushback against the anti-“rape culture” movement on campus? If so, good. This is a movement that has capitalized on laudable sympathy for victims of sexual assault to promote gender warfare, misinformation and moral panic. It’s time for a reassessment.

The fact that the New York Times is finally presenting our side of this issue is hopeful indeed. Full article here: by Cathy Young

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