BIG WIN: Federal Appeals Court Rules Due Process Includes Cross Examination

 A federal appeals court upheld blocking a university’s suspension of a male student who argues he was completely denied his right to confront a female student accusing him of sexual assault. The court ruling said with the “he said/she said” nature of the case, UC officials needed to provide fundamental fairness to a state university student facing long-term exclusion… “What is most important as the Department of Education reconsiders the guidance provided to schools is the Court’s recognition that due process is in the interest of both the accused and the accuser,” Attorney Josh Engel said. “In this case, the court found that the ability to confront one’s accuser is important not merely because it aids in the defense by an accused student, but because it allows the school to better get at the truth of accusations.” Engel said this was the first time an appeals court has ruled that a college or university violated an accused student’s right to confront the accuser. Appeals Court Decision

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