POSSIBLE Win for Accused Student in 6th Circuit

This afternoon, campus due process returned to the 6th Circuit. The facts of the case which originated from Denison University were unusually strong for the accused student.  Denison’s lawyer, Natalie McLaughlin, got off to a difficult start and never really recovered. The heart of the oral argument revolved around an off-the-record statement by university housing official Kristan Hausman, that her fellow panelists needed to weigh the “future of 1000 girls” as they adjudicated the case. Judge Thapar pressed McLaughlin on how that statement couldn’t indicate bias…”It’s your comment, if you don’t find him responsible, you’re still putting people at risk.-  How can that be?” Judge Thapar was incredulous.  Audio excerpts are at the link below.

academicwonderland.com By KC Johnson

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