PENN STATE: Judge Approves Accused’s Due Process Case Against Penn State Officials


Last summer, a federal judge stopped Pennsylvania State University from suspending a male student it found responsible for sexual assault. The university had blocked “almost all” of the questions “John Doe” submitted and it refused to require his accuser to ever provide a written statement laying out her allegations. Horrifyingly, its Title IX investigator had actually redacted Doe’s responses for the Title IX hearing panel, in the name of objectivity…Last Monday, U.S. District Judge Brann rejected the university’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit. Doe’s Title IX claim only survives because his allegations – that only male students have been punished for sexual misconduct, and are “invariably found guilty” regardless of evidence – are just enough for Brann to “infer that PSU’s disciplinary process is tainted by anti-male bias” By Greg Piper

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