PENN STATE: Girl Wants Him. He Rebuffs Her. She Accuses. He Loses Educ. & Career. He Sues.

John Doe says he was suspended and expelled from a seven-year program as the result of false allegations of nonconsensual sexual activity with a woman in the same program. Doe claims Roe made advances toward him despite telling him she had a boyfriend. Then she wanted him to be her boyfriend… she began hugging and kissing him, he pushed her away and headed to class. He returned to her room after class at her insistence. She again made advances toward him, and he again pushed her away. They later agreed they should not hang out.  The university began an investigation because of text messages by Roe to her roommate in which she falsely said he touched her inappropriately. Doe claims he ultimately was found responsible because he chose not to give his version of the incident. He said he didn’t do so because he wasn’t provided the specific allegations against him. Doe says he was a victim of a fatally-flawed proceeding “afflicted by an anti-male bias, resulting in an erroneous outcome.” By John Beauge




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