PENN STATE: 2 Lawsuits, 2 John Doe’s, 2 Males Denied TitleIX Due Process and 1 Judge

A new lawsuit filed this month is similar to one pending before Judge Matthew W. Brann. In this current lawsuit a former Penn State male, John Doe, is challenging the method Penn uses to resolve sexual misconduct cases. Doe claims his due process rights were violated by not being permitted to attend a Dec. 2015, Title IX panel hearing, confront his accuser or ask questions. He charges he was required to prove the sex was consensual and Peters, who investigated the matter as a police officer, was biased against him. The second and similar suit before Judge Brann was brought by a sophomore pre-med student claiming Penn’s disciplinary process in sex misconduct cases is tainted by anti-male bias. Brann issued a preliminary injunction in Aug. 2017, that prevented the university from imposing sanctions that included suspension for the current semester and a ban from the accelerated pre-med program. By John Beauge

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