PENN Defies Judge-Attempts Any Means Necessary to Deny John Doe an Education

A sophomore pre-med student’s contention that two Penn State administrators should be held in contempt for trying to circumvent a federal judge’s order is meritless and should be denied, the university says…Doe contends Danny Shaha, interim assistant vice president for student affairs, and Karen Feldbaum, interim director of the Office of Student Conduct, should be found in contempt of the August order. Doe cites a Sept. 25 email from Shaha notifying him that a Title IX panel’s June finding that he violated the Student Code of Conduct and the sanctions it imposed had been withdrawn and that he would be retried Wednesday before a new panel. [Notice how ‘interim’ staff are ruining males before these ‘interim’ folks move on to the next college and do their male damage..SOS] By John Beauge

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