PACE: My Ex-KalyaTorrey is Hellbent to Ruin College For Me

A high school romance gone bad is rocking Pace University – with the bitter former lovebirds turning the school into their own personal war zone. Freshman Ari Grossman filed a lawsuit in Manhattan federal court saying his ex-girlfriend and current classmate Kalya Torrey started their vicious feud by lying that he raped her in order to prevent him from attending Pace – his dream college. After Grossman refused to drop out the situation escalated. Torrey filed so many complaints against Grossman that the dean had to intervene and tell them to just cool it. The final straw for Grossman came when his ex accused him of stalking her in the food hall – and he ended up getting tossed in a cell for 12 hours with his legs and hands in shackles…The NYPD has since dropped the charges after video surveillance from that day failed to prove stalking. Still, Grossman is suing the school and Torrey for having him improperly arrested via campus security. By V. Bekiempis By K. Whitehouse

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