NORTHWESTERN: Lawsuit Seeks To Muzzle Kipnis and The Truth

The lawsuit filed by Northwestern Title IX accuser “Nola Hartley” against best-selling author Laura Kipnis (Unwanted Advances) has attracted substantial attention. The Kipnis book looks primarily at four cases, and the second case which involved Ludlow and a graduate student in his department prompted the Title IX complaint against Kipnis and is also the subject of the lawsuit…Beyond the exaggerated claims, the baseline premise of the lawsuit is a chilling one: that while the Ph.D. student purportedly “takes no issue with [Kipnis’] choice to write on this topic,” Hartley, as a Title IX accuser, some of whose claims Northwestern accepted, should have a veto power over which “facts” Kipnis can present. This argument should raise grave concerns. By KC Johnson

Kipnis Lawsuit Complaint

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