NCHERM: The Group Being Sued For It’s Title IX Training NOW Offers To Teach Due Process

The Title IX compliance group that NCHERM endowed, the Association of Title IX Administrators, is offering to teach trigger-happy campus bureaucrats how to protect due process in campus adjudications. At its Title IX training and certification course next month, ATIXA is including a $1,499-per-person “due process track” that is open to anyone who is a “seasoned administrator.” It laughably claims to be “placing a renewed emphasis on due process,” rather than the more accurate “emphasis for the first time.” FIRE’s Samantha Harris has a good laugh at this turn of events, noting that FIRE will educate campus bureaucrats for free and that Sokolow once accused her group of “sticking up for penises everywhere.” By Greg Piper LAWSUIT:Male Sues NCHERM,U of Dayton, Accuser

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