MUSLIM Male Sues Cornell. Title IX’s Biased & Harmful Investigation Left Him Suicidal

A male graduate is suing Cornell University in federal court, claiming that Cornell and its Title IX investigator Sarah Affel, conducted a biased, arbitrary, capricious, unfair and harmful investigation.  John Doe’s complaint accuses Affel of discriminating against him based on his sex, religion and ethnicity and failing to consider the results of a polygraph test he voluntarily took and passed. Doe further accuses Affel of relying on anti-male, and anti-South Asian stereotypes to find him responsible; and employed anti-Muslim bias when one of the witnesses brought up Doe’s Muslim faith, at which point Affel began to question the witness about Doe’s level of respect for women…The investigation and the one-year suspension handed to Doe gave him severe mental health problems-problems that resulted in his contemplating suicide and his being admitted to a psychiatric ward “for several days.”  Doe is demanding a jury trial and is asking the University for damages. By Drew Musto

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