MSU: Transgender’s Sex Assault Claim Has Accused Fighting Back

Two Michigan State University students ‘Nathan and Melanie’ began a consensual sexual tryst in the backseat of a car in 2014. A passerby interrupted them, and Melanie revealed that the incident brought up unpleasant memories of a previous abusive relationship. Later that night Nathan tried to resume the encounter, but  stopped after she rejected him. Sixteen months later, Melanie who now identifies as a man – made a formal complaint to MSU officials for the “one-time, non-consensual touching.” Melanie cited being transgender as a key reason for coming forward, and claimed to fear encountering her ex-lover in the male bathrooms…“The so-called sexual harassment is not really sexual harassment. The breast touch occurred in the summer, off campus, the school was not in session, it had nothing to do with the school – Title IX does not require you to take cases when they don’t involve the school.” Deborah Gordon, Nathan’s attorney By Hollie McKay

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