#METOO: From Salem to Now

Salem Village, 1692.  Young girls caught up in the frenzied hysteria of witchcraft led to accusations of more than 200 people. These young girls voiced their accusations for attention and personal gain,  Testimony alone is, and should be, insufficient for acceptance as fact.  And now, in 2017, imagine the precedent that we accept by allowing that nothing more than personal allegations of sexual assault, is all that is required to discern the facts from allegations. Facts and an allegation are not the same thing. Facts require evidence deemed sufficient to be considered indisputable. An allegation is a claim made in the absence of such evidence, and while an allegation certainly might qualify as testimony, that testimony doesn’t necessarily qualify as evidence of facts. Today we find ourselves in a world where allegations can ruin a man absent any of the evidence which would be required to reasonably prove any wrongdoing of any kind…Accused men or women should still be presumed innocent unless it is proven otherwise. If we lose our grasp on this principle we cede centuries’ worth of costly-to-win ideological ground.

americanthinker.com By William Sullivan

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