MALE Student on Study Abroad Left in Paris After Falsely Accused

A Bellarmine University student claims he was kicked out of a study abroad program, booted from a Paris hotel on New Year’s Day, and left to fend for himself after being falsely accused of sexual assault. Doe says he and several other students went out to dinner in Germany on New Year’s Eve, and then watched fireworks. During the fireworks displays, he says he “had his arms around SG and SD. There was a large crowd and at one point his hand slipped and briefly touched SD on the butt and later on her breast. He apologized but SD was upset and left with RB.” Doe’s attorney Joshua Engel said that “without any hearing or semblance of process, he was kicked off the trip and thrown out his hotel. The student’s parents then had to arrange for a hotel room and transportation back to the United States.” By K. Koeninger

Doe v Bellarmine Univ. Inc. Complaint

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