MALE Settles w Lynn University. He Was Always Innocent. She was ‘Encouraged’ to TIX Accuse Him

John Doe has settled with Lynn University after he was suspended for a year over a sexual assault accusation that local police ultimately determined was “unfounded.” Police deemed the female’s accusation “unfounded”after viewing campus video surveillance that showed the accuser right before and after her encounter with Doe- walking normally and talking to friends. Within 30 minutes of her encounter with Doe, she was seen holding two cups of liquid from the dining hall, and balancing on one foot and pushing the elevator door button with the other. Footage from just after the encounter showed the accuser with her arms around two other men, laughing and smiling. Again, she used her foot to kick the elevator door button….The accuser made statements suggesting she was not raped and said her friends “encouraged her” to report, as did her parents. Despite clear evidence indicating no rape occurred, Lynn University still suspended Doe for one year. By Ashe Schow

Doe v Lynn University Lawsuit 5/2016

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