LOOKING BACK: Campus Rape Hoaxes & False Accusations. How Many?

Below is a list of documented false accusations by college females. This list demonstrates why constitutional due process is essential during Title IX sex hearings.

At Austin Peay State University a female student reported a sex assault by a stranger. Campus police determined that the events as described did not occur, and the female false accuser later told the APSU police that she was not assaulted. Nov. 2016

Clemson University Student, Abbriyanna Rai-Beth Dutill made a false accusation to the police. The police charged Ms. Dutill for filing a false police report. Mar. 2016

At Clemson University campus police say a report of a student being sexually assaulted on campus is untrue. Sept. 2016

At College of Charleston two students had a valentine hook up date. Afterward the female fabricated an assault and accused her date of rape. Paul Robinson was always innocent and was cleared by a jury. Dec. 2017

Colorado State University-Pueblo settled with falsely accused Grant Neal. July 2017

Columbia University settled with Innocent Accused Paul Nungesser. July 2017

At Cornell University  a false accusation was made against basketball player Xavier Eaglin. He was always innocent, and the court agreed. All charges against Xavier were dropped. Aug.2017

At Delta College- University Center Michigan student Mary Zolkowski falsely reported to campus police that she was attacked and raped. Zolkowski was charged with one count of falsely reporting a felony. Aug. 2107

DUKE RAPE HOAX-10 Years Later:  Black stripper Crystal Gail Mangum, (currently in prison for murdering her boyfriend) falsely accused three white athletes of rape. Mar 2016

George Washington University student Mariam Kashani falsely accused two black men of raping a white girl at knife point. After all hell broke loose on campus, Kashani’s lawyer called the campus police to say her client had completely fabricated the interracial rape. Dec. 1990

At Hofstra University female Danmell Ndonye falsely accused 5 innocent males of rape when her new boyfriend found out she had sex. Later Danmell admitted her sex orgy was consensual.  Sept. 2009

Liberty University says a female student that reported an abduction and sexual assault was not true. Oct. 2017

Lindenwood University student, Joanna Newberry lied, saying that she was attacked in the basement bathroom of Butler Library. Newberry was dismissed from Lindenwood, and charged with a misdemeanor count of making a false report. March 2014

Miami University, serial accuser Angela Cameronis , and other officials were sued for discredited allegations againt David Jia. Jia is seeking justice against the university that railroaded him. Jan. 2017

Michigan State University campus police say a false rape report was filed, accusing three black males of assault. Investigators said the report was false, and an attempted sex assault ‘didn’t actually happen.’ Oct. 2017

Rape Hoax at Northwestern University when four females falsely claimed they were raped. After the shrieking protests and hysteria ensued it was determined that the source of the false rape accusations were anonymous phone calls. Vice President for Student Affairs Patricia Telles had to admit the accusations were false. April 2017

At Pomona College  a female falsely accused a male student of assault. There was never an assault. The male is innocent and the court agreed. Oct. 2017

At Princeton, Mindy Brickman falsely accused a male student of raping her. When Brickman’s claim fell apart, she wrote an apology in the pages of the Princetonian newspaper, noting that she had never once talked to the man she falsely accused. 1991

At Rollins College student Desiree Nall falsely accused two men of raping her in a bathroom.  After the rape hoax was exposed, Nall was charged for making a false statement to police. April 2005

Sacred Heart University former student Nikki Yovino was accused of making up rape allegations against two football players to gain sympathy from a prospective boyfriend. She was charged with second-degree falsely reporting an incident and fabricating physical evidence. Nov. 2017

Swarthmore College  admitted they acted unfairly in charging a male student with sex assault. Nov. 2014

University of Alabama  student, Emma Mannion falsely claimed she was raped by two men. Video surveillance didn’t support her accusation, and eventually Emma acknowledged she lied. Emma Mannion was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of filing a false report.

At University of California, Santa Cruz  Morgan Triplett (a UC Santa Barbara student) found a male on Craigslist to beat her up and have sex with her. She then reported it as rape. Police confirmed that Morgan’s story was a rape hoax. “She was suicidal, and she wanted something to almost bring her back to reality.” April 2013

University of Central Oklahoma’s police say a female student who reported an abduction, and sex assault by two men is false. Sept. 2017

UNC-Chapel Hill’s  opportunist white girl Delaney Robinson falsely accused black athlete Allen Artis of assault. Allen Artis was always innocent, and thankfully he could afford a lawyer.

University of Florida former student Tanya Borachi lied to police about being bound and gagged. Borachi’s family was expecting her to graduate soon, but she wasn’t enrolled. Borachi told police she fabricated the story. Police charged her with filing a false police report. May 2013

University of Oklahoma’s Rodney Anderson was falsely accused by opportunist liar Courtney Thornton. Thornton was accused of lodging a false rape accusation against Mr. Anderson. Dec. 2017

University of Oregon A female student falsely accused basketball player Kavell Bigby-Williams of assault. “No charges have been nor will be filed in the case.”  Aug. 2017

At University of Pennsylvania Jane Doe falsely accused John Doe of assault. Rather than be exposed for its faulty and covert Title IX sex hearing, UPenn settled with John Doe. Nov. 2017

University of Southern California Armaan Premjee is innocent. CA Judge rules that the female falsely accused the male, that she was the aggressor, and that she fabricated her assault. Aug. 2017

A false complaint was filed by a dweeb against USC kicker Matt Boermeester. Matt was expelled while his supportive girlfriend Zoe Katz was harassed for not throwing Matt under the bus. July 2017

University of Texas President Gregory L. Fenves allowed a wealthy female student to lie about being assaulted. In court John Doe prevailed, proving his innocence, while exposing Fenves disgraceful actions. Nov. 2017

Massive Rape Hoax at University of Virginia. Emotional liar and  false accuser Jackie Coakley’s lawyers admit that their client,  fake rape girl Jackie, invented her rapist. June 2016

University of Wyoming student Meghan Lanker-Simons accused herself of rape on FB. Police investigated the incident and determined that the FB post was a hoax perpetrated by Meghan herself. Meghan Lanker-Simons was charged with interfering with a police investigation. May 2013

Winthrop University police say a female student filed a false sex assault report. “Winthrop Police found no evidence to substantiate the allegation that an assault occurred …the report by a student that she was sexually assaulted is unfounded.” Jan. 2017

I agree with journalist Cathy Young when she wrote “The Duke lacrosse case reminds us that false accusations of sex crimes do happen and that the wrongly accused are the real victims.”

And it is the reason why I fight for due process for college students accused of Title IX sexual misconduct.

-Alice True

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