LIBERTY University Violates Male Title IX Rights and Files $102M Defamation Lawsuit

Liberty University, five employees and a former student athlete are being sued by ex-LU football player Cameron Jackson, who alleges his Title IX rights were violated, he was defamed by the school and he was denied due process during an investigation into an alleged 2015 sexual assault. The lawsuit claims the accuser and two other LU female students engaged in a conspiracy against the football team, which included two later sexual assault claims that were reported to LU but not to law enforcement, in an effort to get football players in trouble.  The lawsuit also claims that LU staff did not protect Jackson from on-campus harassment and such behavior caused him to stop attending classes.  The lawsuit casts doubts on the accuser’s charges and alleges Jackson’s accuser acted maliciously and the response of LU and its employees was inept…All schools receiving federal funding must comply with Title IX regulations, or risk losing their funding. LU students received more than $825 million in federal student aid in 2014-15. By Josh Moody

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