LIAM ALLAN Was Falsely Accused Of Rape. His Accuser Almost Got Away With It

The woman who accused Liam Allan said he had raped her, and that she did not enjoy sex with him. Thousands of her text messages said otherwise…What happened to Allan is happening on college campuses across America. The most famous example occurred at Amherst College. A blacked out male student received oral sex from his girlfriend’s roommate, who turned around two years later and accused him of sexual assault. After he was expelled, his attorney discovered text messages from the accuser making clear she knew she had done something wrong that night and her roommate would be mad about it. With “victim-centered” training for college investigators and campus police, incidents like this will be more common. Victim centered training insists investigators believe accusers and that any shifty behavior or lies they tell are the result of trauma. In other words, no matter what they do, they’re telling the truth. By Ashe Schow

35 College False Accusers Compiled by SOS  

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