LAWSUIT: Suspended Male is Denied Due Process. Sues UVM for Kafkaesque Hearing

John Doe’s lawsuit says the accuser claims she was groped at an off campus party, and identified her groper by nickname only. The University of Vermont searched for a picture of John Doe on Facebook and showed it to the accuser. She said the person in the picture was the student who groped her. John Doe told the investigator that he was at the off campus party with his girlfriend and that he had never met or danced with the female student/accuser, stating that he would not touch a woman without her consent. According to John Doe’s lawsuit, “Jane Doe’s false accusations against John Doe were accepted as fact and upheld by Defendants using a Kafkaesque process that denied John Doe due process of law in violation of due process.” By K. Reilly By L. Rathke

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