LAWSUIT: Male Can’t Have Sex, Female Consents & Initiates, Then Accuses. Male Expelled

‘Jane Roe’ initiated sexual activity with ‘John Doe’. Roe told Doe she had hooked up with men from other fraternities and she “repeatedly” affirmed she wanted to have sex with him.  Roe brought Doe to climax with her hand, and put her phone number in his phone. But 10 days later she accused Doe claiming she didn’t remember much about that night and couldn’t have consented because of the “significant amount of alcohol” she consumed. Even though witnesses said Roe did not show signs of incapacitation, Doe should have known she was “incapacitated.”  John Doe was found responsible for violating the school’s sexual violence policy and was suspended and physically blocked from campus for three years. According to the lawsuit, UC-Berkeley’s Title IX process is riddled with “structural error.” By Devyn Deeter

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