CASE WESTERN Reserve Univ: Consensual Sex w Girlfriend Gets Disabled Male Kicked Out

Barbara Snyder, President of Case Western Reserve University is being sued along with The Board of Trustees, and staff for not following the University’s own disciplinary guidelines, for male discrimination and for refusing John Doe to review witness testimony prior to his disciplinary hearing. “Without receiving a notice of investigation, a discussion of his rights and responsibilities or the CWRU policies and procedures, and without an advisor or support person to accompany him, John Doe was blindsided when he arrived to attend a mandatory meeting with the CWRU Title IX investigator,” Doe says from the outset, he was presumed guilty. Case Western Reserve University suspended him for three years and kicked him out of his dorm based on false allegations of sexual assault with his then-girlfriend that were not supported by factual evidence.

courthousenews By Kevin Koeninger

Court Filing:Doe v Case Western Reserve 

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