LANDON RICE IS INNOCENT. The Grand Jury Agrees. But Auburn’s Kangaroo TIX Court Disagreed

Rice’s lawyers say a Lee County grand jury has declined to indict former Auburn tight end Landon Rice on a rape charge.. Incredibly, Auburn’s Title IX office determined otherwise…Rice’s lawyers say he “passed a polygraph test that specifically asked whether he had ever forced his accuser to have sex in any manner, whether all their encounters had been consensual, and whether he’d ever forced her to have sex after she refused. “Those conducting the Title IX inquiry refused to consider the polygraph results. The untrained individuals who investigated this charge did not provide Landon a hearing, did not permit cross-examination of the accuser or witnesses, and totally disregarded serious contradictions in the most relevant testimony.” In contrast, a criminal grand jury found no probable cause (a lower standard than that used by the Title IX office at Auburn) for any criminal charge against Landon after hearing testimony from both Landon and his accuser. Landon has never been charged or arrested for any crime. By James Crepea Former-auburn-player-landon-rice-not-indicted

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