KAFKAESQUE TitleIX Sex Tribunal at Johnson & Wales Alleged in Lawsuit

A male student expelled from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI, has commenced suit in federal court in Massachusetts, claiming he was unlawfully held responsible and expelled after an unfair, prejudged internal judicial process that violated not only ordinary norms of fairness, but also the university’s own guidelines… The more cases of campus sexual assault adjudications we cover, the more we see patterns. There frequently is an ongoing consensual sexual relationship in which only some of the interactions were claimed to be non-consensual; a delay in reporting the alleged assault; a process in which the accused is left uncertain as to the charges against him; an inability to be represented by counsel, a university investigation under pressure to “believe” the accuser; the inability to call key witnesses, the issue of whether there was sufficient affirmative consent (there being no claim that the female said “No”), and of course, the use of alcohol in varying degrees.

legalinsurrection.com By William A. Jacobson

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