JUDGE RULES: ‘Credible’ Romance Between Accuser Jennifer Schoewe & Det. William Richey. The Accused TIX Claim Will Go Forward.

A federal judge refused to dismiss a lawsuit against the University of Cincinnati by Tyler Gischel, whom it expelled after Jennifer Schoewe made a TitleIX accusation against him. Gischel’s TitleIX claim against the university for an “erroneous outcome,” procedural due process claim against individual officials and “malicious prosecution” claim against a detective in the case are going forward, under Judge Susan Dlott’s order.- In a bizarre twist, Gischel pointed to text messages between Schoewe and UC Detective William Richey that suggested they developed a “romantic relationship” during the investigation – evidence that Judge Dlott called “credible.”

reason.com By Robby Soave  thecollegefix.com By J. Poff

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