IT’S Groundhog Day at Michigan State University. Fifth Male Sues

Since 2014, at least four students suspended or expelled for violating MSU’s sexual misconduct policy have sued the university over a lack of due process in how their cases were handled. This 5th lawsuit alleges that there were serious problems with MSU’s investigation, and that key facts that corroborated the accused’s story were disregarded, and that individuals weren’t interviewed under oath and the investigator’s notes weren’t provided to the accused. The accused, who was then a 22-year-old senior, met the accuser in the fall of 2016 through Jack’d, a gay chatting and dating app, according to the investigatory report. The senior invited the freshman to tailgate in October and both admitted to drinking and kissing during the day. Their stories diverge from there.  By RJ Wolcott

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