ITHACA’S College President is Convicted Sex Abuser Shirley Collado. She Gets a 2nd Chance. Why Don’t Our Male Students?

Ithaca College’s new President Shirley M. Collado, was accused and convicted of sexually abusing a female patient in 2001 while working as a psychologist at the Psychiatric Institute of Washington.  Shirley admitted to living with the female patient in her home after the patient was discharged from the psychiatric hospital.  The patient said Shirley had sex with her repeatedly, once in a threesome with a male. Very few of those accused have received the kind of understanding and mercy that Shirley Collado has received. Ithaca College hired Collado last year, and she revealed the “claims” against her in a campus interview shortly after she was hired as president. Indeed, there have been many such allegations of sexual abuse against powerful people, and powerless students and employees in the past year that involved a “singular incident,” but few have received the kind of understanding and mercy that Collado has received. By Anne Hendershott

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