IS UNC Chapel Hill’s Andrea Pino A Heroine Or a Rape Hoaxer?

A new book on the controversies surrounding sexual assault on campus strongly challenge Andrea Pino’s credibility. Pino attended UNC Chapel Hill and has been hailed as a heroine of the campus sexual assault survivors’ movement. The Campus Rape Frenzy, by Brooklyn College history professor K.C. Johnson and National Journal contributing editor Stuart Taylor, takes a critical look at claims of an epidemic of sexual violence against college women and at the current Title IX system’s presumption of guilt toward accused students. It also describes Pino’s complaint against UNC as “the highest-profile questionable Title IX claim.” The question of Pino’s truthfulness is important, given her status as a central figure in the narrative of a “rape culture” pervasive at American universities. It is also relevant to another issue discussed by Johnson and Taylor: The media’s tendency to suspend normal journalistic skepticism when it comes to (alleged) sexual assault survivors. By Cathy Young

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