INTERVIEW: Consenting Sex w Black Male & White Girl Gets Black Expelled Loses Scholarship

This is a terribly tragic story of discrimination and what bystander intervention really looks like.  A TIX sexual assault complaint was filed by a nosy 3rd party female…Doe attempted to put an end to the matter at once: Grant Neal (the accused) recorded her making the definitive statement, “I’m fine and I wasn’t raped” to university officials. But no one cared. In the eyes of the university, it was not Doe’s place to determine whether she was a victim of sexual assault—that was the investigators job. The man in charge of investigating whether Grant Neal had raped Doe first told Neal to open emails from Doe his girlfriend, and then later told him he could be disciplined for opening them. “That’s when I immediately knew,” said Neal. “That’s when I really knew that the situation was above my control.”.. After denying Neal any meaningful way to demonstrate his innocence, CSU-Pueblo effectively ended his career, cancelling out his scholarships and opportunities to play football and pursue a wrestling career. Read Mr. Neal’s interview below.

reason By Robby Soave

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