INDIANA University: Falsely Accused Male Sues Accuser

 A recent study demonstrates that 99% of college students accused of sexual assault are males. Recently, attorney Eric Rosenberg filed a lawsuit on behalf of a male student attending Indiana University. This is the same University that employed Jason Casares, the Title IX coordinator who was forced to resign when he was accused after a drunken hookup .

According to Aaron Farrer v Indiana University Complaint Mr. Farrer did not sexually assault Marion Zerfoss. Zerfoss admits flirting with Farrer and inviting him into her bedroom, Zerfoss admits asking Farrer to retrieve her vibrator, and admits asking Farrer to “fuck her.”  Celebrity seeking mattress girl wanna be Marion Zerfoss admits telling Farrer that “it was okay” to have sex despite his hesitations, and admits that she consented to sex, but that Farrer should have resisted the seduction because she had consumed alcohol that evening.

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