IN 2014 Swarthmore Backed Down. What Will 2017 Bring?

In 2014 John Doe was expelled from Swarthmore College, and then sued Swarthmore under Title IX. After John-Doe-vs-Swarthmore was filed Swarthmore said “additional information became available which both parties believe raises questions about the impartiality of the college judiciary committee panel that heard John’s case. On the basis of this new information, John has requested that the college vacate the panel’s findings and sanction. The college agrees that the new information raises sufficient questions about the fairness of the hearing to warrant vacating the panel’s findings and sanction.”  After this, the federal judge in the case agreed to a joint motion from the college and the student to dismiss the lawsuit.

2011-2016 will be remembered by many college males as years of being unjustly and unfairly persecuted for innocent actions and words. The constant and aggressive attacks on college males in the form of false accusations is downright shameful. Title IX is often used as an anti-male bully club to deny hundreds of males their college degrees. Even Forbes magazine acknowledges that males are an endangered species on college campuses. These years will also be remembered for turning progressive leaning college males into conservatives for life, my son included.

It is my hope that 2017 will quickly usher in much needed campus sanity, fairness and due process. Starting with the repeal of the  2011 DCL. If you want to be a voice for campus change begin here by telling our President-Elect Donald Trump to repeal the 2011 DCL.

Thank you, Alice True






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