IF AZIZ Ansari Were a Student at Occidental or Amherst College He Would Have Been Expelled.

Aziz Ansari is lucky he’s not a college student; otherwise he could have been accused months after the incident, investigated by a lone administrator with sole power to decide which witnesses to interview, called before a hearing to answer charges he does not fully understand, forbidden from consulting a lawyer or cross-examining his accuser, found responsible for sexual misconduct under a preponderance of the evidence standard, and expelled from campus as required by TitleIX. Consider a few TitleIX cases where young men suffered severe consequences. At Occidental College, a male student, John Doe, had sex with a female student, Jane Roe. Jane had every intention of sleeping with John-she had asked him to keep a condom handy. Later, she felt badly about the experience, and was persuaded by a sociology professor that because she was impaired by alcohol during the encounter, she couldn’t have given consent. John was eventually expelled. At Amherst College, two intoxicated students, John Doe, and Jane Roe, retired to a dorm room, where Jane performed oral sex on John. John would later claim he was blacked out. Amherst administrators deemed his story “credible,” but noted that drunkenness was never an excuse for engaging in nonconsensual sex-which is what Jane accused John of, two years later. He was expelled.  There are hundreds of drunken hookups gone wrong, misinterpreted signals, and unmet expectations that culminated in powerful universities punishing young men for sexual assault.

reason.com By Robby Soave

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